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Business Audit – The Status

Business Audit – The Status

The BECAN Status analysis is a 360 degree analysis of company performance, based on historical information. We use this information, to prepare a clear cut status report on your company.

"The Status" can be used for evaluating a potential new partner or if a potential new partner requires an insight into your business, prior to commit resources, capital, credit facilities etc. or as your first solid stepping stone in relation to develop your business.

The report is detailed, sharp, handy and very informative.

The key areas covered are:

1) Company history

2) Company financial performance (2-5 years)

3) Company balance sheet development (2-5 years)

4) Company suite of products or services

5) Sales activities (geographically)

6) Position in market (market share development)

7) Matching status with strategic plans, to grade preparedness and to suggest actions to close gaps and eliminate risks.

BECAN's other services are linked to the Business Audit, and creates a natural bridge to developing a sound and profitable activity.



Business Development – The Plan

Business Development – The Plan

The BECAN Business Development Plan, is a classical service for any type of company, which is either stuck in its own success or is stock on its way to take an idea or business opportunity to the next level. BECAN can help any type of company in any industry segment, and help its management to develo"The PLAN" that in an operational way, will outline where to go and how to get there.


The result of The PLAN, is a company specific Business Plan (BP) or a company specific Business Case (BC) that can be used for internal use as a strategic guideline, or for external use to attract investors, partners or similar.

The Plan consists of the following actions:

1) BECAN requires a deep insight into your business - history, performance, financial position, goals and dreams.

2) BECAN will together with the Company Management draft a fully covering BP or BC.

3) BECAN will help outlining actions to be taken by the company, in order to achieve its goals - short and long term.

4) BECAN will assist in implementing the identified actions and provide links to key partners where appropriate.

BECAN's other services are linked to the Business Development Plan, and creates a natural bridge to developing a sound and profitable company.




Business Concept Development – The Ideas

Business Concept Development – The Ideas

The BECAN Concept Development service, is closely linked to the backbone of the client. BECAN will together with the client’s management team, challenge the current business models in use and based on a creative process, develop ideas for strategic plans, product improvements, breaking new ground etc.

The result of the Concept Development of The Ideas, is a palette of concrete projects that are sharply defined, operationally structured and can - based on a final prioritization (resources and funds) - be taken into their final phases, prior to being offered to the client’s customers.

The process will involve all employees to ensure corporate ownership and to have the best platform to select from.

A typical process contains the following:

1) Review of Business Plan and Strategy

2) Strategic discussion on “which place in the market do we want”, as opposed to “where do we as a company fit”

3) Analysis of current product offerings

4) Analysis of current customer structure

5) Analysis of market development

6) Brainstorm on new ideas, products, markets - and all the why, how, when and why not questions

7) Detailed description of each selected Idea (time to market, development cost, design cost, prototyping etc) into an Idea catalogue

8) Matching Idea catalogue with client strategy and funds and resources available

9) Assisting in taking the ideas into operation

BECAN's other services are linked to the Business Concept Development, and creates a natural bridge to developing a sound and profitable company.






Business Solutions to flourish and grow – The Method

Business Solutions to flourish and grow – The Method

The BECAN Solutions Service, is a combination of strategy development and operational planning - these two together makes out "The Method".

The first strategy development part, is based on the future plans that the client has for the company. These plans, are then analysed and challenged, and will together with the client’s historical and current performance, product suite, market coverage, market share etc, be build into a sharp strategic plan for the client.

The second part is thereafter, to use the strategic plan and make it operational and manageable, to ensure that the milestones outlined in the strategic plan can also be achieved. The operational part will be developed in order for it to fit with the clients ability to allocate resources and funds.

The result of the Solutions Service is The Method, to ensure that the business of our clients have a clear path for its future development.

Our clients will know where to go, when to go there, what it costs and the risks involved. BECAN delivers a clear strategy for the client broken down into manageable, implementable pieces outlined in an operational plan.

BECAN will follow the client all the way, to ensure that any issue that might occur, can be addressed immediately and to ensure that clients will flourish and grow.

BECAN's other services are linked to the Business Solutions Service, and creates a natural bridge to developing a sound and profitable company.







I have had the pleasure of working together with (and reporting to) Bo during the two years he worked with Danish Red Cross. I was project responsible for the implementation of a new ERP system and the consequential change management process following. Bo is an inspirational and visionary leader who brought on some direction and unification in the IT systems used by DRC. I experienced first-hand how Bo is able to bring out the best in people and how he delegates management responsibilities to his midle management with trust and loyalty. It has been a previlege to work with Bo!

Kim Krolmark - IT Operations & Infrastructure at DSB

I reported directly to Bo for a long period of time, and he was not only seriously listening to what you said but taking direct action if a risk was made known to him, thus avoiding negative consequences and improving the chances of success for any given project.

Kimmi Høeg - Trilingual secretary at AI a/s

Bo was a key and instrumental resource during the first years of SuccessFactors green playing field operations in EMEA. He executed in finance, HR, facility management and the daily operations. I would recommend Bo to any organization as he can bring both short and long term value and always with a winning attitude.

Jeffrey Teglas - VP Global Sales at Shopbox



BECAN has been founded in 2013 by Bo J. Bleeg – a Senior Executive, with more than 20 years of experience in a wide selection of industries. 

BECAN was established with the purpose of servicing small & medium sized companies, Start-Up Businesses, NGO’s, Organizations, Foundations, Banks, Law Firms and Private Equity Companies.

BECAN has a strong relationship with key partners and advisory firms, who will be brought into each case - if and when needed. BECAN therefore has a very slim operation, with strong and targeted competencies for all consulting services offered.

Our external partners, called "operating advisors", who – just as BECAN - offer a deep understanding of and experience in "tackling" many of the challenges facing our client base on a daily basis.

Our aim is to constantly convert problems/issues into challenges for the client, and then together with the client develop these into business opportunities for growth.

BECAN will ensure that any assignment, will be executed together with our clients in a personalized fashion, with respect of the human factor and the history that lies behind all businesses.

At BECAN we focus on operational planning and execution, with the client in the center. On-Time & On-Budget. Business Audits - Business Development - Business Concepts - Business Solutions

Please contact us - and get inspired.......